Psychology: Extrinsic Rewards

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3) Extrinsic Rewards
The buck system is a simple way to control certain behaviors and rewards on a daily basis. It is passed during instruction, in the hall and anytime a behavior should be rewarded. It should be made clear to the students that they don’t have to be rewarded for what is expected of them, but using bucks is a choice by the teacher. Items can range from nickel candies and school supplies to the most popular one, lunch with the teacher. Initially, auctions may seem expensive, but be creative and smart. Don’t start off big, or students will always expect big items, but remember to have at least one really “good” thing each time and be selective on how and when to use them. For students that challenge the teacher daily, try “paying” the student for every single positive thing that they do. This way, when the teacher has to charge them, they can pay. It may seem unfair, but it works.
4) B.F Skinner
Behaviorist psychologists (Skinner, 1953) said that behavior can be explained by human’s motivation to approach pleasant and
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He used the example that (Skinner 1972 as cited in Robins, G (2012)) if a person moves into the shade because it is hot, he is more likely to repeat this behavior the next time the sun is hot. He described this phenomenon as ‘operant conditioning’. The cooling down reinforces the behavior. He argued that if the students are consistently praised, rewarded and acknowledge for learning or having in a certain way, they would behave in the same way again, this creating ‘conditions which are optimal for producing the changes called ‘learning’ (Skinner 1969: 10 as cited in Robins, G (2012)) and allowing the teacher to influence the behavior of pupils at will without resorting to
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