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Think – and– Share Worksheet: Part 1

Your task is to find and take at least three personality inventories. You can easily find these types of inventories online. You can also find these types of inventories in many different popular magazines. If you choose to search online, here are some ideas of verbiage to type into a search engine:

Personality inventories test
• Personality inventory color analysis
• Big five personality test
• Dessert personality test
• Emotional intelligence test
• TV characters personality test
• Assessing Your Real and Ideal Self-Concept (in your textbook, Module 30)
• Life Orientation Test (in your textbook, Module 31)

After you have taken at least three personality tests, analyze your
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I think that if a personality test is given by a licensed physician, then we all could gain a lot from it and we would be able to tell what is going on in someone’s mind. I don’t think taking test off the internet would be a valid way to evaluate people because they are sitting in front of a computer and could just click anything until they get the answer they want versus sitting in a doctor’s office.

Chapter 9 consists of four modules

• Psychodynamic Approaches to Personality
• Trait Learning, Biological and Evolutionary, and Humanistic Approaches to Personality
• Assessing Personality: Determining what Makes Us Distinctive
• Intelligence Your instructor will assign you to a module.

You will be responsible for reading the assigned module and identifying the concepts you feel are the most important. Then, you will create a learning activity that is designed to teach at least one of the concepts from that module.

After you have created your learning activity, you will share your learning activity with your classmates via the discussion board. You will also provide feedback to your classmates about their learning activities. You may choose to revise your learning activity based on the feedback you receive.

Discussion 7:

Jigsaw Present the learning activity you created in the Jigsaw activity. Read through the learning activities posted by your classmates; be sure to ask one another or your instructor questions if the
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