Psychology : Humanistic And Psychodynamic Approach On The Dsm, And Going A Bit Into Homosexuality

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For this writing assignment, I did research in the areas of approaches such as humanistic and psychodynamic along with reading the DSM, and going a bit into homosexuality. In my findings I put together a bit of information regarding the question, to the best of my knowledge. I mention why I prefer the humanistic approach. Also I was able to local a copy of the DSM and describe about the disorder I found interesting. Last, I talked about homosexuality since there a lot of controversy regarding this topic, I stayed with what I felt was important to answer.

1. Compare and contrast Psychodynamic Approaches, Trait, Learning, Biological and Evolutionary, and Humanistic Approaches to personality. Which approach to personality do you find the most compelling? Why?

To begin with the psychodynamic approach originated by Sigmund Freud focuses on an individual’s thoughts when they are unconscious. They mostly come from childhood experiences that affect their current behavior in the present. This can lead us to repeat certain patterns of that particular behavior. He goes to say that our unconscious state is the part where we hold our memories, knowledge, feelings, urges and so on. On the other had we have humanistic approaches, which the book says that it “emphasize peoples inherent goodness and their tendency to move toward higher levels of functioning.” This is conscious makes up the core of our personalities. It is obvious that these two are different from each other…
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