Psychology In Nazi Germany

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The Nazis believed that people were not equal. To them, some individuals were not worthy of basic human rights or even life itself, because of their identity. Jews, Roma, People with Disabilities and homosexuals were all considered less human and therefore were targets of Nazi murder. Before these killings began, the Nazis enlisted medical professionals to euthanize people with disabilities. The Nazi Euthanasia Program was, in fact, intentional killings of thousands of people with disabilities without consent. Medical professionals who euthanized thousands of people with disabilities in Nazi Germany are guilty of murder because the patients did not consent, following orders is not an adequate defense, and the doctors violated the ethic code…show more content…
All different types of experiments were practiced on people with disabilities. People with disabilities were used as the guinea pigs for the beginning Nazi experiments. Some of the experiments were on twins specifically. Twins were painful charted and examined as they were subjects of curiosity to German scientists. Some patients were taken to see if their eye color could change to blue by scraping of some of the eye, which only harmed the person (Nazi Medicine: In the Shadow of the Reich). Most of the people who were experimented on were used until they died. These people were viewed as objects that were very much expendable. Even more people were sterilized by Nazi doctors whether or not they themselves were disabled. Sterilization is “ to deprive of the power of reproducing” by removing or harming the sexual reproductive organs of a person (Merriam Webster). Countless people were forced to be sterilized; some were even unknowing of their sterilization. These people were targeted because either they or a relative had a disability. It is estimated that 300,000 to 500,000 German women were sterilized (Nazi Medicine: In the Shadow of the Reich). The Nazis wanted to rid the world of the “unworthy” and
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