Psychology In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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According to Google’s definition, psychology is a science that studies the human mind and how it functions, as well as how it affects your behavior under certain circumstances. In Lord of the Flies, the boys are put in a very unique situation, so obviously their actions throughout would reflect a strong connections with psychology. Sigmund Freud’s psychological ideas in particular can be found through the characters, each one showing representation of an aspect of Freud’s views: the id, the ego, and the superego.

In Lord of the Flies, Jack Merridew is the rough and animalistic character that clashes with Ralph, securing his position as the id representation. A definition of the id is that, “The id is unconscious: it has no contact with reality
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Psychology had a major influence on the events in the book, like it was expected to in, “Freud’s ideas and methods are based on the principle that unconscious drives and wishes have a considerable influence on our lives, and that unless these are understood, changing the way we feel, think, and behave is impossible,” (Sheehy). From the evidence throughout the text, it’s possible to assume that Golding was trying to warn readers and provide enlightenment on what would happen in a situation lacking civilization. Everything that comes to pass for the boys could symbolize a parallel as to what would happen if humans didn’t have the three parts of a Freudian personality to prevent all the animalistic horrors from occurring. However, these three parts don’t always seem to get along well, as Henningfeld comments in his review, “In a Freudian reading of The Lord of the Flies, Golding seems to be saying that without the reinforcement of social norms, the id will control the psyche,” (Henningfeld). According to that idea, Golding was trying to reveal the awful circumstances that could cause an id character, like Jack, to fully succumb to a more primal form and cause harm. This shows that Golding firmly believed that humanity was born bad and needed regulation to function properly and sufficiently. If it were a question of…show more content…
Lord of the Flies is a model of precisely how Freud’s ideas work together and interact to both manage and destroy themselves. Golding’s main purpose in writing Lord of the Flies seems to be to allow readers to see human character and analyze it themselves in an easier manner than reading Freud’s psychological analysis. This situation is something that could possibly happen in real life and, according to Golding and Freud, the id inside will eventually try to take over and control the other two parts, causing utter chaos and destruction. Nobody hopes to ever be put in a situation such as this, but the psychological allegory in Lord of the Flies gives a hint as to possible and actions and results that would
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