Psychology : Individual Behaviour ( Higher )

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Lynsey smith Assessment for candidates: Psychology: Individual Behaviour (Higher) To pass this assessment, you will have to analyse a topic relating to individual behaviour. The topic for this assessment is PERSONALITY. You are asked to present this information as short written responses to the questions below. Describe the psychoanalytic (Freudian) approach to personality The Psychoanalytic approach to personality is that humans behave in a particular way due to three parts of the mind: the id, the ego and the superego. The id doesn 't have any concern for others and just wants to have their needs met, this is mainly motivated by pleasure. If the id needs or wants something they won’t let anything stop them from getting it. The ego is responsible for satisfying the desires of the id in a realistic and acceptable way. The ego just like the id seeks pleasure and tries to avoid pain however unlike the id the ego will find a realistic way to find it. The superego can be quite harsh and critical and often strive for perfection and can act like an inner judge. The superego would often reward themselves with feelings of pride and punish themselves with feelings of guilt. The Freudian approach to personality also includes the conscious and unconscious mind. Freud believed that most of personality was unconscious and that the hidden parts are responsible for much of our behavior. Freud was confident he could uncover people’s personalities by listening to their dreams as

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