Essay on Psychology: Intelligence and Classical Conditioning

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Chapter 1-4 Psychology 1) Nerves are composed of many- neurons. 2) In which field of study do researchers attempt to identify the effects of heredity on psychological characteristics? -behavioral genetics 3) The term "perception" correctly applies to which of the following situations? -You must decide how far your car is from an object in the road. 4) Mary is undergoing treatment for the muscular tension that causes her to experience migraine headaches. Every week, Mary is hooked up to a machine that monitors the muscle responses in her forehead while she learns to relax. What is the name for this form of treatment? –biofeedback 5) Maria has the most common form of color blindness. Which task will be especially…show more content…
12) In the Applying Psychology section of the text, you read about how pouched rats have been used to find dangerous land mines, minimizing loss of human life and health. Which of the following statements about these rats is true.- The principles of classical and operant conditioning have been critical to teaching the rats their task. 13) On average, most people currently spend about _____ hours sleeping each night.- 7-8 14) A relatively permanent change in behavior brought about by experience is called?- learning. 15) To record a person's brain-wave patterns during sleep, investigators use a(n)?- electroencephalogram (EEG). 16) According to research on circadian rhythms, a person who suffers from hay fever often suffers the most symptoms?- in the early morning. 17) A chimpanzee can be taught to hold a pen in its hand and to scribble with it, but a raccoon cannot, for the chimp has an opposable thumb, which the raccoon lacks. This limitation on the raccoon's ability to learn to scribble with a pen is called?- a biological constraint. 18) Paul has come to realize that when his boyfriend stops talking to him, then he is mad over something Paul has done. When the boyfriend talks, Paul knows that he has done nothing wrong. Paul's ability to make these distinctions in his boyfriend's behavior is likely based on?- stimulus control training. 19) LSD, PCP, and

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