Psychology Is Alive And Well

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When people hear that you are majoring in psychology, there are some negative connotations that come with it. As a science, psychology isn’t taken seriously, and is only thought of as a pseudoscience. Of course, this isn’t the case. As a student of psychology I know how arduous it can be and I believe that psychology deserves a lot more respect than it gets. The skewed view of psychology that the public has begins with the media. Psychology is marketed in the form of self-help books, TV shows like Dr.Phil where “patients” problems are solved within a 45 minute reality TV show, and arbitrary books about ESP. These all make psychology seem like sensationalized intuition or an absurd theory. There is also “The Freud Problem”. The Freud problem as talked about in “Psychology is Alive and Well”, is the dilemma that people who do not study psychology immediately think of Freud as the face of psychology. Albeit, Freud was not even a psychologist and he is discredited today because of the many fallacies in his theories and studies. Psychology is not about inane research on penis envy or the like. Since Freud’s day, psychology has developed greatly. More recent, viable, experiments have been conducted by psychologists such as Maslow, Pavlov, Bandura, and other psychologists who deserve recognition by others outside the field of psychology. Knowledge of this information would allow psychology to be viewed as a broader and more elaborate study.
It is important to be informed of the
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