Psychology Is The Study Of An Organism 's Behavior And Mental Processes

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Psychology is the study of an organism’s behaviour and mental processes and how they are effected by the organism’s mental and physical environment. Psychology takes into consideration one’s sensation and perception; consciousness; learning; memory; thinking, reasoning and language; and emotions and motivation. In an effort to fully understand these complex ideas, I experimented with visual and auditory impairment. I stimulated my visual impairment by tying a blind fold over my eyes in a relatively comfortable place and making sure minimal light got through. For the first half hour, I wondered around the house to get comfortable with my vision impairment. I went from the first floor of my house to the fourth floor on my own with no external help. On my way back up, I was given challenges to find certain things and to bring them to a certain area. As I did these tasks, I sensed that someone was close to me or in my social or intemet proximity; when anything happened, I was susceptible to the little noises I heard, and reacted immediately. This was orienting response. As I was walking back up to the first floor, I had to relearn some of my visual strategies to adapt with my current situation. For example, one challenge was to find a specific type of body cream. I completed the challenge based on the feel of the bottle. This was almost recalling my latent learning. This was one of the many situations that made me realize how much I rely on my tactile sense after my vision. As
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