Psychology Is The Study Of Behavior And Mental Processes

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What is psychology? Scientifically psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. More in depth thinking of it, psychology is the study of the psyche, or soul. As Carl Jung stated “Every psychology problem needs a spiritual solution”. By this he means the only way to solve problems psychologically, people must understand themselves in “breathe, spirit, and soul”. Psychology does not only study the overt actions of humans such as smiling or talking, but also studies the covert activities in each other 's minds. Where do thoughts come? That’s a very commonly asked question. Psychology is here to answer that. For it studies people 's minds, from thinking, feelings, and their memories. In psychology the goals are to uncover the mysteries of not only human behavior, but also animal behavior. Description, Explanation, prediction, and control help to discover the goals. Description will answer what is happening, where it happens, to whom it happens, and under what circumstances. Explanation will explain why it is happening. Theories help to give a general explanation of a set of observations. Predictions will ask the question “when will it happen again?”. Then control will see if it can be changed by modifying a specific behavior to see what happens. These four goals will not only help you understand psychology, but they are the basis of it. As Albert Einstein simply stated “Great spirits have often overcome violent opposition from mediocre minds”. Telling us that our
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