Psychology : Learning, Development, Stress And Health, And Personality Theories

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Have you ever sat down and wondered how you became the person you are today? Or maybe, sat down and thought about who you actually grown to be? If you are like me than most likely your answer to these questions would be no, and that’s fine. Psychology plays a major role in the way we are brought up and who we are today. Believe it or not, the way we are taught and the way we are are today deals with the way our brain has grown and developed throughout our years on this earth. During psychology class, I learned about many different theories that different people came up with to clarify how we act today. In this paper i’m going to use my knowledge of learning, development, stress and health, and personality theories and integrate them with my life. Although, as a child, observational learning and classical learning played roles in the way I am today; operant learning has really impacted me the most. operant learning is when reinforcements are used to either decrease or increase the probability of a behavior occurring again. Reinforcements is anything that increases or decreases the likelihood of something to happen. There are two different types of reinforcers; positive and negative. Positive reinforcement is when a rewarding stimulus is added, and a negative reinforcement is when an aversive stimulus is removed. When I was little I was always rewarded with money whenever I did a good deed, or got good grade. This is an example of positive reinforcement because getting
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