Psychology Movie Report

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Movie Report

In the Intro of Psychology course, I learned many concepts that relate to the real world and what we do in our everyday life. The psychology concept that I learned was social psychology. Social psychology is the scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate it to one another. We can relate to social psychology because we interact with others daily. We understand the behavior of our friends and families individually when in a social concept. The prime examples of social psychology are in-group, out-group, personal identity and social identity. The in-group is known as “Us”, people with whom we share a common identity. The out-group is “Them”, those perceived as different or apart from our in-group. These
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As Cady got to know the “Plastics,” a bit more they introduced her to “The Burn Book.” The burn book is an absolute example of prejudice and discrimination which is a set of attitudes towards members of a group prejudice and negative behavior toward a person based on his or her membership in group discrimination. The three members of the “Plastics,” would single out a person in their grade, even teachers, and devote a page in the book to placing a picture of that person and captioning it with what was wrong with them. For example, they stated in the book that one of their newly divorced female teachers was selling drugs on the side and that certain girls were fat and ugly. Anybody in the burn book was not considered to be part of in-group or the “Plastics.”

Cady realized her personal identity did not match with what had become her social identity and began to spill secrets of the “Plastics,” which then turned the ring leader of the “Plastics,” to destroy Cady by framing her as the owner of the burn book that just so happened to fall into the hands of the principal. Outraged and as a form of intervention, the principal staged a meeting with the female junior class in the gymnasium and had every girl stand on a platform and admit to saying something bad about another girl in their grade. The girls would then turn
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