Psychology - Obesity Case

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1) Select a topic that you are interested in (in form of variable), start from general idea or area, attach your reading in your portfolio: Answer: The topic that we are going to test and discuss is "Obesity". Obesity is a medical condition in which it is an accumulation of excessive to the extent of causing health problems and reducing the life expectancy. 2) Discuss the topic with your activities group, report what you learned from the discussion: Answer: What we concluded from the discussion is that obesity is much acclaimed in the UAE and it is a huge problem that may affect the coming generations. 3) The importance of the topic (Justify your selection: Why did you select this topic? In at least one…show more content…
* Alcohol: when yeast is fermented it produces carbohydrates which leads to adding fats. * Duration of treatment: the time in which the individual used the treatment may shows if the treatment made a difference in reducing weight or not. * Physical Activity: these activities relates to the willing of the individual to lose weight by doing exercises or doing sports because if not that would definitely add more fats to the body. 9) What is the instrument that you will use to collect the data? Questionnaire/Survey 10) What is the suitable index of reliability and validity for your instrument? Answer: Cronbach's Alpha is the best way for summarizing the correlations among all items. So we are going to use the Alpha as the index for the reliability and validity of our questionnaire. 11) What is the level of measurement that you will use to measure your variables? Answer: The level of measurement is going to be Ratio since the test measurements can end up with a zero value and it will be meaningful. 12) What is the method(s) that you would use to collect the data? Answer: We are going to collect the data by distributing the questionnaires around by face to face, by phone, and via internet. Those three methods may be the most reliable ways for the 13) Choose the research design suitable to your research objective(s) and give justifications (Experimental and non-experimental) and how you are going to

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