Psychology Of Groups

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The thought of sitting in a room filled with people who have similar interests and enjoy each other’s company seems a lot better than being alone, and not being included in the cluster of people. There are many reasons why people may want to join groups and Bill Wasik, who writes
“My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Experiment” talks about some of the reasons why it seems interesting to join one. People may want to join groups because they will not be bored, it can allow someone to accomplish many things and feel good, and they can gain friends.
By joining a group, people can reduce the chances of being bored. It allows them to engage in activities they like or even have new experiences. Wasik talks about how he “started the Mob Project because I
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By doing this, it left less time for him to be bored. By creating a new group, Wasik was able to eliminate boredom from his life.
Groups allow people to eliminate boredom by getting involved in something they are passionate about, as Donelson R. Forsyth writes “The Psychology of Groups” and talks about how “In groups, we solve problems, create standards, communicate knowledge, have fun, perform arts, create institutions” (The Psychology of Groups). Being in a group allows a person to engage their brain and not just sit at home watching TV. They are able to do activities they enjoy doing and even get to experience new things. For example, someone who is interested in equal rights may decide to join an equal rights group. Now, instead of just sitting at home thinking about how there should be equal rights, the person can actually get involved and help to make equal rights a reality. This may mean that the person can actually get out there and do something about it. They may even get to do new things to help enforce it, such as getting to participate in an equal rights march or rally. Now that they have joined a group, they can put their views and time to good use instead of just being bored, lying on the couch, with
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Joining a group can also provide people with feelings of accomplishments. In an online article by Lee Rainie, Kristen Purcell, and Aaron Smith, they state how people consider joining a group “weather the individual thinks the group can accomplish its goals (63% say that this is very important in their decision)” (Joining, participating in and leaving groups). People tend to enjoy being a part of a successful project and it makes them feel good when a goal is achieved.
They also may join to show off accomplishments they may have made and to feel they feel they have a purpose in doing something to benefit others. Wasik talks about how 200 people came together to do a flash mob at a hotel and “After five minutes of staring, the ring erupted
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