Psychology Of Personality : Fall 2015

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Karina Vizcaino Psychology of Personality Fall 2015 Identity Claims on Facebook Facebook is an online social networking website that makes it easy for a person to connect and share with family and friends online. The program was first designed and created by college students in 2004, and by the year of 2006 it became very huge with many especially with those of age 13. The reason why many love Facebook and why is it so unique it has the ability to connect and share with the people that a persons cares about at the same time. Or with others they would like to be friends with, without ever meeting because the network lets you connect with many around the world, almost like a pen pal sort of way. Facebook has become so…show more content…
Many users has believed that they can judge a person or know who a person is instantly with what they portrayed on their Facebook page, for instance, profile picture, interest, music, preference and so much more since Facebook everyday, month or year is always updating its website to attract more and more user. Its also free, so anyone can sign up, or in this case sign up to many accounts as long as one has a working email address and its not hard for a person in the 21st century not to have more than one email address. Employers are checking a person’s email; so they can get a feel of them, get to know them a little bit better before hiring them. To test out whether peoples personality were being judged based on their Facebook page, the study first used 104 undergrad students at a public university somewhere in the Northeast area. Four of the students reported that they did not have a Facebook, and one did not give consent. Its important for the researcher to proceed on with the study with the participants consents because its very unethical if they didn’t as well as giving the participant the participant the choice in dropping out of the study at any given time, and no one will judge the participant for it. In that retrospect it brought the number down to 99 participants, (79 females, 20 Males), while the average age of the participants seemed to be 19 years of age.
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