Essay on Psychology

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•behaviourism-the study of behaviour in an objective way.
•social learning theory/cognitive behaviourism
•attachment theory
•evolutionary theory
•behavioural genetics
•Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
•Erikson’s theory •developmental systems Define and describe the following research methods •correlational study
•experimental study
•cross sectional study
longitudinal study

Study Questions 1. Define cohort and briefly summarize at least one major difference in how different cohorts, past and present, are experiencing childhood, old age, and adulthood (pp. 5-9).

Cohorts are the birth group we grow up with through life.
The past childhood cohort was growing up in a time when there wasn’t
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Your answer should include a definition for major concepts of each theory (pp. 13-16).

Behaviourism is similar to the social learning theory by they both believe that the actions we do in early childhood effect our adult years in the way we act and weather we are dependant or independent. They are different in the way that behaviourism is based on visible acts while the social learning theory is based upon modifying peoples thoughts. In traditional behaviourism, we act the way we do because of the reinforcements we get called the “operant condition.” In social learning theory, we act the way we do because we prefer to model our peers or the ones caring for us. In social learning theory, self-efficacy has a lot to do with our personal growth in life weather it is high or low. 4. Describe attachment theory and its relation to psychoanalytic theory and evolutionary psychology. Describe behavioural genetics. What are the two nature-nature principles that Belsky draws from this discussion (pp. 16-20)?

The attachment theory states that the first years of life will provide us to be a successful adult or leave us with problems, that the early caregivers of life shape our future ability to love. The attachment theory and its relation to psychoanalytic theory and evolutionary psychology is the clear commonality that both state is that earliest actions of our caregivers affect the rest of our lives. Behavioural genetics
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