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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Childhood to Adolescence Development ------------------------------------------------- Monica Rodriguez-Sosa ------------------------------------------------- University of Houston – Downtown Introduction As we age and grow in life, we constantly change in many different aspects. It is natural for humans to develop…show more content…
212). Another example of emotional development is having empathy. Apprehending another person’s emotional state and then matching that to ones emotions is considered empathy. The last example is moral emotions which is defined as emotional states that are linked to their culture’s definitions of right and wrong (Boyd & Bee, 2009, p. 213). These emotions include guilt, shame, and pride. Middle Childhood Second, Boyd and Bee (2009) explain that between the ages of six and twelve, children grow two to three inches and add six pounds each year (p. 246). Because of growth, muscle also grows so children have the ability to bike ride better. A second example of growth is the brain development that occurs between ages 10 and 12 in which the frontal lobes improve dramatically. This causes children to develop a particular kind of concentration called selective attention, which is the ability to focus cognitive activity on the important elements of a problem or situation (Boyd & Bee, 2009, p. 245). The last example of physical growth is excessive weight gain issues. Both authors explain that excessive weight gain is the most serious long-term health risk of the middle childhood period. If a child is having these problems, he or she is at risk of having weight problems and health problems in adulthood. Cognitive development in middle childhood occurs, for example, when a child has mastered the basic grammar and pronunciation of
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