Psychology Paper 1 Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking In this study, the professor asked 15 students in his Introductory Psychology class to volunteer to take the smart pill at the start of the semester. The other 15 students in the class who did not volunteer did not take the pill. This was not random assignment because this subject was not an unbiased division, and the professor didn’t create equal groups; therefore, it could affect the result. In general, volunteers do better than non-volunteers because volunteers have more motivation than the people who didn’t volunteer. For example, in the “tutoring study”, people who signed up for tutoring were doing much better than the people who did not sign up for tutoring because the people who sign up care about their grade; on…show more content…
If a student keep getting the same GPA every semester, and after he took the pill, he got a higher GPA. Then the pill matters. However, the fact is students’ GPA is going up and down all the time on its own. Furthermore, the essay scores can’t inflect if the pill is functional or not because an essay test is not like a multiple choices test. A Multiple choice test has a standard answer, so students can get a certain score. However, different teachers can give a same essay different score because every teacher has his or her own way to grade it. In short, the test result in this study was not reliable. In addition, the experimenter bias affected the result indeed. every professor wants his or her study be successful, and they want themselves to be famous. In this study, the professor knew who took the pill and who didn’t in the beginning of this experience, so it is unfair. When the students in the experimental group which the students who took the pill ask a question, the professor want to answer it as detailed as possible because he should make sure that the students in this group are doing well. On the other hand, when the control group which the students who didn’t get the pill ask a question, he could refuse to answer it or say the question is stupid. Moreover, placebo effect also has affected the result. As we know, human beings are bizarre. When
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