Psychology : Personality Psychology Exam

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Personality Psychology EXAM 1 PART ONE: SHORT ANSWERS 1. Is being accurate the same as being reliable? Is it the same as valid? Being accurate is a measurement of how close data is to its real value. An accurate result is true (most real) to its real value. It differs from being reliable. Reliability is the measurement of consistency in results each time a test is repeated. For instance, if one is able to get the same results during an assessment more than once then the measurement is more than likely reliable. Validity on the other hand is the extent to which a test measures what it is designed to measure. 2. Describe briefly an example of how you can tell a person is stuck in each of Freud’s stages of development. ➢ Oral stage: There are two personality types related to a person stuck at the oral stage. One is the oral receptive personality type, when one is suggestible, gullible and dependent of others. They are also interested in receiving information, acquiring material goods, and are fond of sweets, smoking and oral sex. The second type of personality a person stuck in the oral stage may have is the oral-aggressive type. Those who fall under this type are orally aggressive in their relationships with others. They can be referred to as put down artists and have a sarcastic, argumentative behavior. ➢ Anal stage: The anal-retentive personality type delays final satisfactions to the last possible moment and shows orderliness, stinginess, and stubbornness, a
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