Psychology, Philosophy And Cognitive Science By Gary Hatfield

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Gary Hatfield in his article “Psychology, Philosophy and Cognitive Science: Reflections on The History and Philosophy of Experimental Psychology ’’ published in journal of Mind and Language on 3rd June 2002 volume number 17 by Blackwell Publishers focuses on critically examining the views that psychology came into existence in 1879 and how finally it became scientific through the influence of logical empiricism. The article puts forward evidence to justify that there was a conspiracy among the early psychologists where few thought that psychology became scientific by freeing itself from philosophy when the laboratory was setup by Wundt and some regard the emergence of behaviorism and positivism to call psychology as a science. The author considers some milestones and key themes in the history and philosophy of the experimental psychology and of perception and…show more content…
The author provides first look of the field which developed through a variety of laboratory techniques, experimental data and some theoretical development which resulted in change of opinion about whether psychology is merely a study of mind or behavior and also shows how this development lead to question about did psychology itself became independent from the hands of philosophy. As the author explains certain philosophers thought psychology became independent during the end of 19th century and recent thinkers have a difference in opinion who believes that psychology became science only after behaviouristic school of thought came into existence and positivism supported this. The author also gives certain evidence where few thinkers believe psychology can remain scientific only through other fields of it such as neuropsychology and cognitive science and not because of the emergency of the behaviouristic school of

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