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Psychology is a very broad field of study and requires a lot of research when choosing a career. The education that is required for pursuing a career in the field of psychology depends on the type of psychologist you want to be. Most psychology programs require at least a master 's degree to pursue a psychologist career, but some may require a doctoral degree. It is important to know the educational requirements as well as state requirements when entering the field of psychology. Southwestern has helped me in pursuing my educational requirements for my field of interest in educational psychology and am confident that with my knowledge I will succeed as a school psychologist.

There are many careers available with a psychology degree, the difference is whether you have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Psychology or a Ph. D. The more education an individual has, the more career opportunities they will have. The careers available in psychology are broad and even though they are all similar in what they study, they are also very different. Psychology can range from clinical psychologist, who assess and treat patients with mental illnesses; school psychologist who help assess and counsel students while helping with behavioral interventions; and forensic psychologist who apply their knowledge to criminal justice in evaluating behaviors and determining mental competency in criminal cases. The most important part of entering into the field of
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