Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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When you first think of the word psychology, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, some people might say they don’t know or some would say it’s something that has to do with the mind and/or human behavior. Psychology which comes from the Greek term “psyche” is the study of mental processes and behavior; especially those affecting behavior in a given context. There are several schools of thought in psychology. These schools include: structuralism (Wundt), functionalism (James), gestalt (Wertheimer, Perls), psychoanalytic (Freud), behaviorism (Skinner), humanistic psychology (Maslow, Rogers), cognitive (Bandura), biological (many), and eclectic which is the combination of schools. Psychologists today apply these different schools when dealing with their subjects, depending on the issue at hand. Psychology as a science, uses the scientific method in conducting any research. It uses several research methods to gather information (data). These research methods are correlational research which is subdivided into positive and negative correlation (good for predictions), case study research which involves collecting extensive information about one or few subjects e.g clinical settings, surveys research which involves questionnaires and interviews, naturalistic observation-observing subjects in their natural environment and lastly, experimental research. Experimental research is the only research method that allows for cause/effect data collection. It involves
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