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Psychology has a lot of jobs to choose from.Any job in psychology is going to be involved helping people. Trying to find out why people do the things they do and trying to predict the behavior of people, their emotions, and mental processes. Making sure your child or any person you care about is okay mentally, is important and is the job of people who work in a major in psychology. For this paper, the roles of a psychiatrist, a counselor, and a psychologist will be discussed. The audience will learn why each one is super important. The audience will also learn what each one of those professions daily jobs/tasks is so any confusion will be cleared up by the end of this paper. There are a lot of pros and cons to working in the psychology…show more content…
Salary of a Psychologist The average salary for a psychologist that works at a school is $63,202 (Nemko , Brandon, 2007). The average salary for all psychologists is $72,580. Being a Psychologist sounds good with the average salary being that high. Like any other job that pays a lot, it takes years and years of school to become a psychologist. “psychologist’s salary can range from $65, 377 to $121,136” (Nemko, Brandon, 2014).

Table 1
Note. The data on the average annual salary for Psychologists was obtained by Child Psychology [Digital image]. (2016, June 9). Retrieved April 14, 2017, from

This is the preferred requirements for a job opening as a psychologist. “Advanced Training and/ or experience in Post Traumatic stress Disorder and/ or equivalent work experience” (Where do you belong, 2014). This job application requires that the person applying for the job has at least five or it can be more years of postdoctoral training and experience on the job in some kind of health care setting. Of course, a requirement for this job is to be able to provide advice and deliver information in areas related to the profession of psychology and health behavior. .
Key points to the amount of increasing psychologists:
The amount of psychology doctorates awarded in the United States grew from 4,933 in 2004 to 6,496 in 2013, which is a 32 percent increase.
The amount of psychology master 's degrees awarded
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