Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Chapter One: Psychology Defined Psychology is an exceptionally multifaceted field of study, regardless, it can be commonly defined as the study of mental processes and human behavior. The goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict and control the behavior of others. Psychology incorporates an extensive range of different perspectives into its general principles as well as focuses on securing them with applied research, case studies, evaluations, etc. I first became interested in psychology when I began to watch crime shows in Grade 8. It was tremendously fascinating to absorb such bizarre yet factual information pertaining to criminal offenders, multiple types of mental disorders as well as the personality traits and situations that are gateways to such chaos.
I realized at a young age that I not only want to help and study others through my profession, I also want to understand them in more ways than one. Delving into the world of psychology as well as wanting to eventually pursue a higher level of education takes a certain kind of self-discipline. Specifically, I believe that human beings are immensely complex beings and that it is important to learn as much as possible about our behaviors and mental capabilities. My reasons for choosing psychology as a major are most definitely in sync with its definition and goals. I am mostly very interested in the psychological goals pertaining to the explanation and prediction of behavior. Psychology has many disciplines,
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