Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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This chapter covers the many questions we may have about psychology. It starts with the history and how it has changed throughout the years. It covers some of the many subfields and jobs you can have as a psychologist. It also covers the four big ideas that are associated with psychology. There are many more topics and sub-topics that will be covered within this paper on chapter 1. Section 1-1 Psychological Science is born: This section shows how the heart of psychology changes over time. In 1879, at a german university, Wilhem Wundt and his team created a machine that attempted the measure atoms of the mind. This was psychology 's first ever experiment. Psychology 's earliest pioneers included Wundt, Charles Darwin, Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget and William James. There were very few women psychologist in the late 1800 's, until Mary Whiton Calkins became assistant to William James. She went on the become the first female president of the American Psychological Association, and not the last. Agreeing on a definition of psychology was not an easy task. For the early pioneers psychology was defined as the "science of mental life". It stayed this until the 1920 's when John B Watson and B.F. Skinner decided that psychology was the "Scientific study of observational behavior". Freudian psychology was another competing term for psychology. It stated that our unconscious thought process and our emotional responses were linked to childhood experiences. The
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