Psychology : Recent Trends And Emerging Directions Essay

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Concepts of Psychology Name: Institution: Personality Psychology Buss, D. (2013). Personality psychology: Recent trends and emerging directions. New York: Springer-Verlag. Research studies in the personality psychology are fast gaining momentum. Dr.Bussand and Cantor’s book is a compilation of a body of research done by most outstanding young personality psychologists. The book captures the work of twenty-five psychologists who have discussed intensively the current trends of personality psychology. The authors of the book conform to the work of the other psychologists. The psychologists agree that advancement in the assessment is one of the current trends that have immensely contributed to the expansion and understanding of the personality psychology. The use of assessment has enabled personality psychology to expand to other areas of psychology such as evolutionary psychology, sociology and cognitive psychology. The book presents a significant milestone in understanding of personality psychology. Carducci, B. (2009). The psychology of personality: Viewpoints, research, and applications (2nd ed.). Malden, MA, Massachusetts: Wiley-Blackwell. The book is a comprehensive and an engaging introduction to the concept of personality psychology. The book discusses personality assessments, techniques, applications, and theories. The book covers both the classic and contemporary personality psychology. The students and teachers have found the book very

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