Psychology Research Study - Video Games and Violence Essay

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A Careful Analysis of a Research Study: Dr. Andersen’s Hypothesis

The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical review of a recent study examining the effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior in young children. Let me first provide a brief summary of the study. (a) The hypothesis is that violent video games cause aggression in young children. (b) The target population is young children. (c) The samples are young school age children and the sample sizes are sixty children separated into two groups with 30 children being in the experimental group and 30 children being in the control group. (d) The independent variable is violent video games and the dependent variable is aggression. (e) The result of the experiment were
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Some children may not have any experience playing violent video games at all. (3) The gender of the children would also be a factor because usually boys are more likely to have a predisposition towards aggression than girls. Boys would also more likely have more experience playing certain kinds of video games, especially violent games, where there may be hitting or fighting. Violent video games would possibly affect boys more than girls and there is the possibility that some girls may have no experience or familiarity with violent video games at all. The background conditions of the child’s home environment would also contribute to the results garnered from the experiment. A child from a broken, dysfunctional home may have previously exposed to violence and may use violence and aggression as a way of natural expression as opposed to a child from a stable and enriched home environment. The child from a stable home may have a very different upbringing, being taught very early on to have a negative sentiment towards violence and though familiar with video games, may not even have been allowed or exposed to video games of a violent nature. These factors would affect Andersen’s findings and therefore need to be controlled in order to obtain an accurate result from the experiment.

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