Psychology Should Be About More Than Repairing What Is Wrong Essay

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According to Seligman, “psychology should be about more than repairing what is wrong. It should be about identifying and nurturing what is good” (Keyes & Haidt, 2003). In harmony with Seligman’s vision, I recognize physical activity as an important human behavior and strength that when nurtured will provoke prosperity in people and communities. Physical activity is a strength that is able to prevent and treat mental illness, act as buffer against stresses, stimulate positive emotions and foster an overall better well-being. Furthermore, on a more community based focus, when physical activity is encouraged and incorporated into the norm, the community develops the capacity to be healthier. Physical activity refers to “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure” according to the World Health Organization (2015). It is important to note that although physical activity is often used interchangeably with exercise, the two are not the same and should be confused as such. Physical activity is a broader term in which exercise is a subset of. Exercise as physical activity is done mainly as a means to improve or maintain physical fitness and/or heath. In the past recent years, physical inactivity has become the fourth leading risk factor for mortality worldwide (WHO), making physical inactivity a public health conundrum. Awareness of this and the epidemic of obesity led the former first Lady of America, Michelle Obama to pioneer the nation’s
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