Psychology Study of Personality

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Psychology of Personality Final paper Definition of Personality There are many definitions and theories regarding personality. Though there isn’t one specific definition that is acceptable for all the different personality theories, I believe that personality is the outward expression of ones beliefs, morals, and emotions; each of which define and differentiate an individual. Personality is seen to be a pattern of somewhat permanent traits and unique characteristics that give both consistency and distinctiveness to a person's behavior. Learning about the different theorist’s and their work has allowed me to broaden my horizon’s regarding my opinions on the different theories. Though I find many aspects of the different theories applicable to ones personality, I also find points where I don’t necessarily agree with them in regards to ones personality. One of the major theorists that I agree with is Gordon Allport. Allport’s major emphasis was on the uniqueness of each individual. He defined personality as “the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought.". I completely agree with him when he states that psychoanalysis is good if you were regarding a neurotic person. His theories are very applicable due to the fact that he was specifically concerned about healthy people. I also agree with him when it comes to the mind and body problem. He states that it is not exclusively mental
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