Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Counseling by Mark R. McMinn is a book that discusses two different characteristics of the Christian Counseling field: in counseling sessions and life beyond the counseling sessions for example, the counselor’s job and the counselor’s life. Dr. McMinn starts his book with a brief section written with James Wilhoit that discusses religion in the counseling office. This first section talks about the importance of making good use of the Christian faith in counseling and not focusing on the relationship between psychology and theology (McMinn, 1996, p. 25). It also states the challenges that religion brings in counseling sessions and how to handle those. In the chapters that follow, McMinn talks about six Christian concepts in counseling. McMinn talks about a few challenges when a counselor attempts to integrate psychology and theology. Some of these are complications of spiritual formation, blurred professional and personal life, training problems, worldview differences, no scientific support, and unique ethical elements in religious counseling (McMinn, 1996, p. 46). McMinn talks about three areas that Christian counseling makes stronger: sense of self, an awareness of human need and limitations that everyone has, and talking about personal relationships we have with God and others. In the third chapter, McMinn talks about prayer in counseling. Prayer is a part of life for many people. Prayer is more than a form of counseling; it
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