Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality Essay

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Dr. Mark R. McMinn is a very insightful reading for Christian counselors. This book was originally written in 1996, but the revised in 2011 with the help of Dr. McMinn 's students. McMinn begins his wonderful reading by introducing the readers to religion in the counseling office. He starts this section a potential client scenario. This client is looking for a suitable counselor who is spiritually sensitive. Different counselors use different approaches, how will this client decide which counselor is appropriate for her? The reading then goes on to explain that not only do clients face challenges but Christian counselors do too. Many counselors try to focus on the relationship between psychology and theology, but McMinn stresses the importance of using Christian faith in counseling correctly. It is stated that, "a Christian counselor who lacks understanding of spirituality will be handicapped in bringing religious issues into the counseling office (301) As mentioned, it is important that Christian counselors understand spirituality in the process of spiritual formation. Next, the focus is on Christian counselors and their concern for the spiritual growth and mental health. There is a lack of spiritual life research when incorporated in mental health. The two are separated. There is plenty of research on mental health, but information pertaining to spiritual growth is scarce. McMinn goes on to explain
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