Psychology, Theology And Spirituality

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There are some text books that you read and you know, will not only become part of your library, but will definitely become part of your life and this is one of them. Mark R. McMinn uses his book, Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling to integrate the use of spirituality in Christian counseling in a way that a counselor can use them in a counseling session effectively. McMinn makes the use of various spiritual techniques like prayer, reading the Word and confession and incorporates them in ways that make spirituality work alongside theory in a cohesive matter. McMinn explains the world pf psychology and theology is not only something that confuses the client but also the counselor (McMinn 2011). Integrating the two fields is something that has become quite popular in counseling but we must be cautious on the counselor that we chose. McMinn explains that a psychologist with minimal training in theology will often minimize the importance of doctrine and Christian beliefs and a theologian with out psychological training will misunderstand the complexities of clinical application (McMinn 2011). To integrate the two studies there needs to be a balance that can equally deal with the issues of clients that are entering your counseling session. McMinn discusses how becoming a Christian counselor can be very difficult. He explains that psychologist can focus on symptom reduction and on ego strength and Christian counselor is concerned with
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