Psychology : Theory Of Psychology

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Introduction to Psychology Module 1. Explain how a person committed to each of the following contemporary perspectives would explain human aggression. a. Psychodynamic: A person committed to psychodynamics would see that human functions are based on the interaction of drives and forces within the unconscious mind of a person. This influences different structures of the personality of the person as well. In addition, a person that is committed to psychodynamics would believe that the fundamental behaviors and feelings are powerfully affected by motives that are not controllable, but rather are unconscious motives. Previous childhood experiences also have a substantial influence on the character of one that is in adulthood, and where one’s personality is comprised of three major parts: ID, ego, and super-ego. In addition, most of the aspects of one’s personality and actions are driven by parts of the unconscious mind and at times contradict with the conscious mind, where this creates anxiety. Therefore, in the perspective of someone who is an advocate of psychodynamic psychology, human aggression would be based on motives that are unconscious, where perhaps hatred or jealousy may play an aspect in human aggression. The best and most effective method to control such aggression would be to have ego control and prevent the expression of aggression. With exclusive regards to aggression, the psychodynamic approach would thereby theorize that there is some conflict in the

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