Psychology : What Motivates People Do What They Do

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One might contemplate an aspect to life may be the pondering existential question; what motivates people to do what they do? The human experience is exceptionally complex due to different variables attributing to our individual experiences. Though each person 's experience is particularly unique to themselves, as a general phenomenon, people seem to have some similarities in experience that bring us together as a bonding universal community. Through many different theoretical lenses, we can look through the study of psychology of how motivation contributes to human behavior of why people do what they do. Some theorists would say people do what they do because it was situational, others might say that it was out of their control or that they were not fully aware of what was going on to think. Additionally, some theorists might believe that people do what they do or not do because of their past experiences that affect a person 's present state and future due to the spectrum of intense impressions they may have. There is no concrete answer to answer the main question, because people can agree to disagree. But we can combine theories to give some kind of meaning in solidarity. None of these theories are inherently wrong or right, positive or negative, but rather the way in which they are applied within an experience. As humans we are biologically programmed to survive through evolutionary reasons of human nature to depend on others for survival for the main objective of
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