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Ladies & Gentlemen. Survey & Report. Some may believe that being “gentleman” or a “lady” in today’s society is an outdated notion, but others may disagree. (1) Briefly summarize the main characteristics of a well-rounded person, “l’u omo universal,” referring to specific sections within the excerpt from The Courtier which identifies these characteristics. (2) Create a “survey” based on the identified characteristics and “ poll” at least ten people to find out whether or not the characteristics are relevant for a “gentleman” or “lady” of today. (3) Tabulate and discuss the responses in terms of gender, age, vocation, etc. of your survey participants, making note of any interesting or surprising results which show up in your poll answers.…show more content…
As I thought about who I wanted to survey, young adults immediately came to mind. My initial belief was that today's generation of young adults have completely missed the mark on their ability to demonstrate the types of behavior present in The Courtier. It was important to target this group specifically, as they are our future. In addition to young adults, I wanted to speak to parents who are raising young children. The debate is still out about whether parents want their children to get good grades, be smart, rich, yet unhappy or whether we are more interested in lowering some of our expectations for academic success and focus more on helping our children to be well rounded, get good grades and still have the ability to manage conflict, develop relationships, be involved in community, be good citizens and love themselves. For most parents, the cultural aspects of being involved and interested in art, music and being exposed to those things far outweigh the desire for their children to just check the box in life. The survey results were very interesting, surprisingly so. The first group I interviewed consisted of 5 young adults, aged 16 to 25. I read a few passages from The Courtier without telling them what year it was written or where it came from. I then asked them to rate on a scale of one to five how
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