Essay on Psychology and Health Problems

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While summarizing the multi-factorial model, many aspects included there can possibly determine different outcomes of people’s health in relation illness. The model shows how biological, environmental, behavioral, personality and social-cultural factors are imperative in relation to some of the leading causes of stress related illnesses. Most importantly, (Hoover, 2000) notes that genetic and lifestyle factors are among a few that simple answers to why some people can maintain their health, while others become ill. Most people believe that biological factors play a huge role in members of a family becoming ill. We often think that our genetic makeup will ultimately lead our health down the same paths as earlier members of our families…show more content…
Coronary Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States of America. With heart attacks leading the way, (American Heart Association, 2000a) the ways in which people work, exercise, etc, has much to do with their risk to develop (CHD) Coronary Heart Disease. The second is that of Cancer. Cancer has been noted as being the “number one killer in women within the United States, and the number two killer of men.” (National Cancer Society, 2001) Psychology has made an astonishing mark in understanding and managing patients that suffer with these two health problems. While psychology have suggested that adopting healthier habits will increase an individual’s risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease, there are also many other factors to consider when adopting this change. One such change would be exercising regularly, and if a smoker, stop immediately. Psychology has used such steps to assist the individual suffering from the illness, possibly to limit the short-term difficulties that the health problem most probably will bring in the long-term. There are other types of assistance that psychology offers to ill individuals in reference to Coronary Heart Disease, another being avoidance of high energy job titles that many people who developed CHD currently have or have had in the past. By modifying the Type “A” behaviors of effective and on the go individuals, people could possibly reduce the risk of hypertension in
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