Psychology and Human Behavior Essay

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Psychology and Human Behavior What makes people behave the way they do? Can anyone analyse 12 billion brain cells to determine how and why the mind functions the way it does?How is it that people being similar in physiological terms, are yet so different in psychological terms?

Man has a multiple nature,there is a constant conflict…between good & evil, between the urges & restricting forces, between thoughts & feelings, head & heart, soul & body,lower nature & upper nature,
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The book says Yes! The answer is Transactional Analysis..TA, which is a tool to map the blue print of the mind. Dr.Thomas Harris, a disciple of Dr.Sullivan, working with Dr, Eric Berne, came out with the theory in early 70’s and wrote this book, which was a bestseller.

Dr. Penfield, a neuro-surgeon, conducted a variety of experiments in 1950’s using electrodes to stimulate various parts and spots of the brain. The experiments revealed that;
a) Not only the past events are recorded in detail by human brain, but also the feelings associated with the events. Both are inexorably locked together, one cannot be evoked without the other.
b) Brain is a high fidelity recorder that puts on tape every experience right from birth, even before birth. It is a unique recorder that can not only record images and sounds, but also sights,smells,feelings and emotions too.
c) Experiences can not only be recalled, but also be re-lived.
d) Persons can live in two states at a time. Being in the present,one can re-visit and re-live the past as an observer,guest.
Dr Harris and Berne take over from here. The theory of TA, as I have understood is as follows;

The unit of social intercourse is a transaction which comprises of a stimulus, and a response. Both these can be verbal or non verbal communications which indicate a transaction. If the transactions are analysed, one can analyse the human nature.

Parent(P), Adult (A), and Child(C), are three parts of any person’s
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