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Chapter 1 What is Psychology? (Corresponds to Prologue and Chapter 1 in Myers Text; NOTE that page numbers on this do NOT correspond to the Myers text) MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of a) behavior and mental processes. b) diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders. c) conscious and unconscious mental processes. d) the mind. ANS: a DIFF: 1 PG: 1-4 TYPE: R OB: 1 2. The scientific study of behavior and mental processes describes a) behaviorism. c) psychology. b) psychoanalysis. d) clinical psychology. ANS: c DIFF: 1 PG: 1-4 TYPE: R OB: 1 3. Eduardo DeLeon is engaged in scientific research…show more content…
From the onset of her relationship with Harry, Jean had difficulty in relating to the daughter. Once married, the family problems between stepmother and stepdaughter became exacerbated. Who might be consulted? a) a developmental psychologist c) a counseling psychologist b) an educational psychologist d) a psychiatric social worker ANS: c DIFF: 2 PG: 1-6 TYPE: A OB: 2 20. Diagnosing the severity of mental illness and behavior problems is usually the job of a(n) __________ psychologist. a) clinical c) school b) counseling d) educational ANS: a DIFF: 1 PG: 1-6 TYPE: C OB: 2 21. School psychologists are employed by school districts to a) develop achievement and aptitude tests. b) identify and assist students who have problems that interfere with their learning. c) assess the development of children in the school system. d) develop instructional methods for teachers to employ. ANS: b DIFF: 1 PG: 1-6 TYPE: A OB: 2 22. Interpretation of a client's symptoms is to a clinical psychologist as the development of an achievement test is to a(n) __________ psychologist. a) social c) educational b) developmental d) personality ANS: c DIFF: 2 PG: 1-6 TYPE: C OB: 2 23. Dr. Kendall is interested in the effects of teacher style (warm and supportive versus formal and objective) on the learning of mathematics by sixth
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