Psychology and Points Essay

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Answer the questions below. When you are finished, turn in your assignment for grading. Use complete sentences and answer each part of the assignment.

1. Write about a time when you have seen someone or some people do things that make no sense to you, or perhaps times when you have been frustrated and thought, "That makes no sense at all!" (5 points)

There have been many times that I have seen people do things that make no sense, and thought “That makes no sense at all!” One time was when I was at a fast food restaurant with my family and was looking around. Something on the floor caught my attention. The tiles that were on the floor. They had a pattern on them and as each tile went the pattern stayed flawless,
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(2 points)
Cognitive- Behavioral
Cognitive- Behavioral psychology is the study of how a person thinks and acts affects their feelings, emotions, personality, and actions. This may not be the best fit choice but it is the one I think that fits best right now.

What influence do parents have over who their children become? (2 points)
Developmental psychology is the study of how the mix of child’s genes and upbringing affect their feelings, emotions, personality, and actions.

How can we combat racism and conflicts between different races and cultures? (2 points)
Social psychology is the study of how relationships between people and groups affect feelings, emotions, and reactions toward one another.

3. Write a question you have about human behavior that is interesting to you.
Write your question. (3 points)
What is mankind’s biggest weakness?
Why are you interested in this question? (3 points)
When studied as a whole group, what is the world’s biggest weakness?

Think about the definition of psychology. How is your question related to this definition — that is, what is it about your question that makes it one psychology can address? (3 points)
The mass study of how our behaviors create a general weakness.

Which branch (or branches) within psychology are most closely related to your question? (3 points)


Do you think there can be an answer to your
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