Psychology in Christian Perspective Essay

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Nicolette Douglas Professor Grace Introduction to Psychology November 3, 2010 Psychology in Christian Perspective: An Overview Chapter 1 Psychological studies are mainly based on the direct observation of human behavior, rather than reasoning or speculation. Psychology is like any other subject- the majority of people have a very shallow and basic understanding of what the study involves, and yet they lack a crucial knowledge of the major struggles and disagreements among those who study it. It does not surprise me that psychology is one of the more popular majors available. By nature, it sparks human curiosity, especially as to what contributes to the system of our thoughts and the pattern in our behaviors. For the first eighteen…show more content…
If the body lives on despite the nearly complete death of the personality, are they still a person? Chapter 3 A fact that I definitely did not know and was surprised by, was that the loss of the stimulation of touch would pose the most difficult to live without. However it did not surprise me that the research and exploration of psychology began with the basic functioning of our human senses. Our adjustments to sensory input from the external world are amazing when studied in depth. The difference between sensation and perception is a slight, but crucial distinction of definitions to understand. The subject of ESPN does not particularly fascinate or trouble me. It is simply bits of information relayed to us in a perception that we are not capable of understanding. People in general have such an automatic fear of the things that we do not immediately understand, however whether ESPN is from God or the devil, I am just not all that concerned. Since God does communicate with us outside of the common five senses, getting visions and predicting dramatic events might just be another form of communication. For me personally, I will never understand the desire to gain “special knowledge and insight that [goes] beyond human understanding”. In my opinion, we have limits on our ability to understand for a reason that is unknown to us, and we are in no position of authority to question them. The beauty of complexity of our senses is tangible
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