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Precious, a movie based on the book Push written by Sapphire, is an interesting movie directed by Lee Daniels. Precious can be easily analyzed using basic motivation and emotion theories in psychology. The movie is about Claireece "Precious" Jones and how she becomes a strong, independent woman after breaking through her curse of physical and sexual abuse which she has endured since she was three months old. At the beginning, Precious is physically and verbally abused by her mother. In addition, Precious was raped by her father multiple times and impregnated twice. After being kicked out of her school because she was pregnant, Precious willingly joins the Each One Teach One alternative school so she can improve her reading and writing …show more content…
Therefore, these can be also categorized as intrinsic motivations. There are also such needs as psycho-social needs that people must have accomplished in order to feel good about themselves. Some of these psycho-social needs are achievement, approval, beauty, and recognition. Precious’ mother, Mary, always told her how stupid and dumb she was and how she will never be able to achieve or do anything. Her mother also never approved of her because she thought that Precious stole her boyfriend, Precious’ dad, from her. She thought that it was Precious’ fault that her father, Mary’s boyfriend, raped her. Precious, who had an eating disorder and was obese, was always told how fat and ugly was she was by both her classmates and her mother. Therefore, Precious never felt that she met the “social requirement” of being beautiful: skinny, blonde, and light skinned. Additionally, none of her classmates in her old school or her mother recognized her for a lot of what she achieved in school. In fact, her mother thought she was so dumb that she was better off on welfare. Her mother’s negative attitude motivated Precious to prove her wrong and to become a robust, independent, smart woman. Furthermore, Precious wanted to complete the Each One Teach One program because she wanted to attain her GED, get a job, and take care of her children. Consequently, these were some extrinsic motives that she had in order to do complete the alternative school program and achieve her

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