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Psychology is definitely not what I thought it was. It is not just a therapist wanting to take your money and not do anything for it. Psychology is an exact science that uses the scientific method to figure out problems. Things like astrology and graphology are not a real science, they do not use true science to deduct things and find a true answer. There are a lot of different ideas within the history of psychology. There was Structuralism, which focused on the structure of the mind. Fuctionalism believed in adapting to ones environment, Gesalt Psychology, focusing on the whole rather than the parts, Behaviorism, no studying of the mental processes, only behaviors, and Psychoanalysis, which only focused on the unconscious mind. There…show more content…
Behavioral view in which our behavior is primarily shaped by our learning. Trait view, the results from our own special combination of traits. And Sociocultural view, behavior is influenced by our culture and social experiences. The psychology world is changing rapidly. More and more people are getting their education in psychology. There are five different types of psychological research. 1. Experiments. The researcher controls all the conditions of an experiment. 2. Correlational studies. No experimental manipulation, only study of the relationships between the variables. 3. Surveys. Opinions, responses, etc. 4. Naturalistic Observations. Research of people or animals in their own home surroundings. 5. Case Studies. Involving either one individual, or at most, a few. Bias come up a lot too in psychology. There are personal bias?, which involve your beliefs, opinions, preferences, etc. These can cause people to ignore data that they otherwise would?ve counted. Then there is expectancy bias?. This can be telling someone to expect something before it happens so that they assume something and come to flawed conclusions. Basically, psychology is all around us and everything we do or say can be from a deeper place than we realize. A simple smile at someone else can tell you how they are feeling simply by seeing the reaction on their face. Although you may not think it?s

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