Psychology is the Scientific Study of Mental and Behavioral Processing

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INTRODUCTION Psychology is the scientific study of mental and behavior processes. It’s thus seeks to describe, explain, predict, and control the processes involved in areas such as perception, learning, emotion, and personality. All these topics are the province of the branch of social psychology. Social psychologists study the nature and causes of our behavior and mental processes in social institution (Baron & Byrne, 1991). As a human being definitely we have a disparity experiences in our daily life, actually it’s the process which help us to reconstruct our behavior and adapt our self with the social environment. Regarding to understanding the social psychology the topic that will discuss more specifics in this paper include attitudes, social perception, and social influences. In subject of social psychology I learned about the field of psychology that studies the nature and causes of individual thoughts, feelings, and overt behavior in social situations. Theory is crucial as a framework to see how far the importance of theories in developing one’s behaviors. Experiences 1 Blood is thicker than water is a phrase to describe how ties my relationship between my others relative. I came from a middle class family and the family bond is closer than anything else. Every year I received a new relative as part of my family thus making my family bigger. Whenever the marriage ceremony comes, we did not face any problem on planning the ceremony. For instance, every member of my

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