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A Psychological Perspective Synopsis Exam Exam Question: “Today business and organizations have to function within a globalized, diverse, highly competitive and rapidly changing market. This calls for new approaches, strategies, organizations and understandings. Based on a relevant case/problem, account for and discuss how a psychological perspective can qualify those.” Hand in date: 8th May 2014 Julie Ingemann Jensen 3 Pages Copenhagen Business School 2014 Nike currently stands as a dominant leader in the global athletic retail industry. Particularly amongst females Nike is seen as a popular choice for apparel yet has had trouble solidifying itself as a top choice for footwear, with competitor ASICS seen as the preferred…show more content…
This has allowed the She Runs campaign to be successful in securing more active participants in the brand community and ultimately growing Nike’s customer base. Part of Nike’s mission statement explains, “If you have a body, you are an athlete” (Nike, 2013). The She Runs campaign is in line with this mission statement, as they encourage all types of women to get involved and inspire them to discover their own athletic potential. This motivates women to consider themselves as athletic, modifying their self-schema and therefore shaping their behaviours, perceptions and motivations in favour of the Nike brand. Social Psychology, Culture and Attitudes Nike identified that women have a tendency towards self-handicapping behaviour. Women perceive running in groups as competitive and intimidating, leaving them to overcome running fears and goals in isolation (AdNewsAus 2013). This is greatly contrasted to the female stereotype and inclination to discuss and partake in shared experiences (MarketingMag 2013). Nike recognised this behaviour and turned it into an opportunity through the formation of the She Runs community. Due to the need of belonging, women have conformed to the actions of those in their reference group both on and offline in the campaign. Women are connected to those that share their aspirations, beliefs, attitudes and their ‘ideal self’. This community continues to grow due to conformity and how individuals match
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