Psychology of Color

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Psychology Research Paper 1/23/11
The Psychology of Color The brain receives signals from three different color channels: red, blue, and green. When the brain receives a mix of these signals, we perceive colors that are mixtures of these three primary colors through a process called color addition (Think Quest “Color Psychology”). All colored visible light can be expressed as either mixtures or consistencies of red, blue, or green, which by perception between the eyes and the brain, produces the vast spectrum of color that exists to humans and other organisms alike. With the ability to alter our moods and bodily functions, color has more of an impact on us than we may realize. Each color produces different effects on
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How much money would you be willing to spend on your date?" (Science Daily). The results of the experiment showed that under all conditions, the women wearing or framed by red were rated significantly higher in attractiveness and sexual desirability than the exact same woman shown with any other color. Those whose favorite color is red are typically outgoing, impulsive, aggressive, and restless in personality. Red is a color chosen by those who carry an open nature and a zest for life (Annie B. Bond, “Your Favorite Color: What it Says About You”). Orange is a color that commands much attention. It represents warmth, enthusiasm, exuberance, liveliness and is also associated with Thanksgiving and Halloween (Nicholson). Physiologically, orange can stimulate the sexual organs, benefit the digestive system, and strengthen the immune system. It incites activity, socialization, and due to its hate-it-or-love-it quality, it also sparks controversy (Smith). Psychologically, orange relieves feelings of self-pity, lack of self worth, and unwillingness to forgive. It can also open emotions, increase energy, and even serve as a perceptual antidepressant (Think Quest). Due to its association with arrogance, danger, and over-emotion, a survey proves that orange has been labeled as “America’s Least Favorite Color” (Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen “The Subconscious
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