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Reflective Journal Information for Impacts of Science and Technology on Society: (20% of final mark for the course) Here is what is written about this assignment on the course syllabus: “As a social sciences/humanities course, you will be expected to reflect on some of the ideas and questions that are raised. On the classes that are marked ‘dispersed’ (please see the schedule below) you will be expected to write a brief reflection or tentative answer based on the question detailed for that week. Journals will not be graded on spelling or grammar, and each entry should be about 2-3 paragraphs in length (that is, about 300/400 words, typed, double-spaced). Your journal will be graded at the end of the term. Entries will be graded…show more content…
I also tend to agree that underneath all claims to consilience among the disciplines, there lurks a tyrannical attempt to reduce all human knowledge to terms that we already understand. To think that science is the only way to get ‘real’ truth is analogous to thinking that English is the only ‘real’ language (and that all others are merely poor imitations). Clearly, science has an important and central place in our society today. It is true that scientific knowledge has helped to overcome superstition and ignorance in some ways, and has allowed us to apply principles of nature in ways that help alleviate the human condition. At the same time, like any other monoculture, putting all of one’s eggs into one basket is a recipe for disaster. Frankly, there are things that I don’t want to ‘know’ scientifically (like love, faith, hope, etc...). In fact, to approach those things at all is to fundamentally miss the point that we are not abstract laws but enfleshed people, living in a complex and interesting world. I would side with mystery over reductionism any day, but I can also understand why some people would disagree with my opinion. Type I journal entry example: Whtevr, Only a clown thinks scienc tells us the whole truth about reality. Everyone nows that

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