Psychometric Assessment and Behavioral Issues

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Psychometric Assessment and Behavioral Issues Psychometric assessment tests have exploded in popularity within recent years in clinical psychology. They are used to help diagnose a number of behavioral issues, including ADD and ADHD in both children and adults. They are quite successful in pulling out major factors that would lead to such a behavioral diagnosis, yet at the same time they are often overused alone, and without the solidifying material of interviews or other assessment methods. When used alone, they often do not provide enough of the picture to make a sufficient diagnosis, and thus are often ineffective by themselves. As such, psychometric tests are effective, but only when used in a multifaceted approach that relies on other assessment methods. Such tests have been developed in order to test particular social, behavioral, and other elements of an individual to gauge the level of particular behavioral issues. In cases of children, rated assessment tests are often used my educational psychologists within a school setting (Woods & Farrell, 2006). As such, they are a commonly used tool in today's education in order to test for the presence of behavioral issues and students of all ages. Because these tests work with some of the more vulnerable populations, children, it is important that they are not misuse or overused so that they do not misdiagnose a child and potentially cause more issues than they would be solving. There are also a number of other incidences,
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