Psychoosexual And Psychosocial Theory Of Development

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Human development is a lifelong process, which describes the growth of human throughout the life. There are many developmental theories which provide a set of guiding principles and concepts of human growth and development including physical, behavioral, cognitive and emotional growth and change. Out of those theories
Psychosexual and Psychosocial theories are the two main theories of Psychoanalytic .
Here I am going to focus on these two theories of development and highlight what these two theories have in common and how they differ.
The theory of psychosexual development is one of the well -known and controversial theories of personal development, proposed by the famous Austrian
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According to both the theorists t he child’s personality depends on the success of going through all these stages, because the childhood trauma can change the development of personality. In addition, it is important for individuals to overcome these different stages of developme nt in a positively balanced way in order to develop their minds and beliefs.
However, there are several differences as well within these two theories of psychosexual and psychosocial development. Even though both theorists believe that personality develops in a series of stages, there are differences that exist between the names of the stages and the developmental issues that are faced during each stage.
The main difference is that unlike Freud’s theory of psychosexual stages, Erikson’s theory describes the impact of social experience across the whole lifespan. Freud's psychosexual theory emphasizes the importance of basic needs and biological forces, while Erikson's psychosocial theory is based upon social and environmental factors.
Furthermore, Freud's conflict centers on sex, while Erikson's theory takes psychosocial approach, which means that people are shaped by society and need to be part of that

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