Psychosis: What It Really Is Essay

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People have many different opinions on what psychosis really is. Many define it as crazy or not normal, but really, the illnesses vary. It could be schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, hallucinations and delusions, anxiety, even Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is characterized in all of these illnesses. Psychosis is usually genetic and passed down through different family members. It is an illness that distorts the brain, making thinking unclear. The main question is what really causes someone to be psychotic? What really defines psychosis? Psychosis is a state of severe mental impairment, which causes the person not to view the real or unreal correctly. (Lecture) People with psychosis often have problems with delusions and hallucinations. …show more content…
The reason being is they both have similar symptoms, and being Schizophrenic can causes a lower diagnosis of Psychosis. Just like Psychosis, one cause of Schizophrenia is by abuse from other people or done to one’s self. For example, like alcohol abuse and drug abuse. The reason these diseases can cause these illnesses is that drugs and alcohol can ruin brain cells. The main symptom of these illnesses is disordered thinking (Bernheim and Lewine). Psychosis can also be associated with bipolar disorder.
Bipolar disorder is determined by manic highs and manic lows. This means someone can be extremely happy and then all of a sudden become extremely depressed within minutes of each other or vice versa. Psychosis is very similar to bipolar disorder because psychiatric patients can have manic depression, manic anger, manic happiness, and then can seem completely fine. These are common symptoms of each other, and all of these illnesses are linked to each other in some way (Lecture). Many with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder have prescribed to medication called mood stabilizers.
The main reason Psychosis, and other mental illnesses, are so important is because anyone can have mental issues and not be aware of it. This is the main reason that the illnesses become out of control. People that have Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are diagnosed with Psychosis. Even if it is not a severe case of Psychosis, it can be more severe as he or

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