Psychosocial Development Case Study Assessment week 8

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Unit 8: Psychosocial Development Case Study Assessment
Dorothy Farrow
COUN5004 Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors

Dr. Bill Garris
July 31, 2015



This research identifies the psychosocial life stages of development stage for three characters in the film Little Miss Sunshine. Different crisis faced by each of the character based on their life stages are identified. Seven year Olive is in the school age stage (5 to 12) of development made up of industry versus inferiority crisis. Dwayne is in the ego identity versus role confusion crisis stage of development. Richard is in the adult’s stage of generativity versus stagnation. The article
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The issue of peers in influencing or providing supportive behavior or even rejecting a peer and making them subject of bullying is another important element underlying development of children at this stage. In the example with Olive, she did not receive support from her peers when she participated in the pageant. PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT


Among the influences that shape Olives behavior include the media, which draws her curiosity towards pageants. She is further influenced by her family and especially the father
Richard who suggests to her that if she believes she is the best, then she is the best and the grandfather who teaches her dance moves that she uses at the pageant. Other influences at this stage include cultural influences related to the communities that the individual belongs.
An interrelationship exists between work, family as well as other roles that characters envision within a given life stage. Family influences shape the careers that most individuals select. Encouragement from parents or peers may shape once vocation. A balance is often sought between the career that an individual pursues and family demands. In Olives cases, her future aspirations may be largely shaped by the family and the support that they receive from the family. Character 2- Identity vs. Role Confusion.
The second character is Dwayne.
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